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Staying Well Inside and Out

In times of Covid-19, we have to get creative with how we navigate fitness and wellness in public spaces. Multifamily communities have shared amenity spaces in addition to the apartment rented by a tenant that allow residents to enjoy the perks of the property they've chosen to call home.

The infographic below contains four options for indoor and outdoor health and fitness activities that can help residents coordinate different ways to stay mobile and well.

Group Fitness

Social distancing doesn’t mean being antisocial! Group classes can be hosted in a gym or outside in a parking lot, and are a great place to meet new friends and neighbors. If your schedule is packed and you can’t make the class time, catch up with a virtual recap if available!

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a versatile way to practice focus, deep breathing, flexibility and strength. It can be done in-studio, or on the lawn! This is another great virtual option if you prefer practicing solo.

Virtual Meditation

If a desk is your home away from home, it’s almost effortless to log off of work and log on to a guided meditation or relaxation exercise. We like Mastermind Meditate (@mastermindmeditate) because they do short, guided mindfulness exercises at least twice a week! Remember: stress reduction is a way to stay mentally and emotionally healthy.

Trail Jog

State of the art treadmills come equipped with the option to take a virtual tour in gorgeous faraway landscapes. But nothing beats the real fresh air, so hit the local trails for natural greenery and scenery! Enjoy some quality time with your pup companion by bringing them along.

Whether Inside or Outside, Be Prepared!

Inside: Give Yourself Space & Keep it Clean

Beyond social distancing, give yourself enough room to move freely without impeding anyone else’s area. Sanitize equipment before and after use as common courtesy and a general rule.

Outside: Stay Hydrated & Protect Your Skin

On a hot day especially, bring extra water reserves to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. Wear sunblock, and if you’re near a wooded area be sure to bring bug spray in case the critters want to join your workout.

Anywhere, & On Your Time! 

Community wellness can be achieved in a multitude of ways, and we always encourage getting creative and trying new things to keep your body guessing and maintain motivation. We've seen from experience the property management that supports these initiatives can look forward to retaining and attracting quality tenants.


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