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Eccellenza Donna

Eccellenza Donna Black Sedan

Eccellenza Donna Black Sedan

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Each boot is designed, modeled and decorated by specialists, by craftsmen as well as shoemakers who with dedication check the footwear in order to make it quality and comfortable for the foot. The material is, like the leather, selected by special experts who work the item by hand, making each item unique.

Soft black leather combat boots on platform sole. Laces in eyelets with internal zip. Platform heel.

Brand Story

The Eccellenza Donna, meaning, Excellence Woman, in Italian, is a brand as the collective of creatives and artisans is located in Italy.

With the inestimable value of Made in Italy, Excellence Woman aims to express creativity to the maximum, beyond industry, offering the excellence of leathers on unprecedented, resistant constructions with a timeless design, thus pushing uniqueness and timeless craft of footwear art and design.

We therefore strive to offer our customers the best, based on our philosophy and in honor of the art we do not compromise on materials or time. Our products are made to last and be worn over time.

Size + Fit

True fit.

Material + Metals

Made in Italy. 100% Leather. Small batch.


Use cloth to clean.


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