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Billie Snake Gold Filled Chain Necklace

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The Fit

15’’ inch length.

The Care

Water Resistant /Stainless Steel: This is the highest quality of them all. Styles plated over stainless steel are non tarnishing, hypoallergenic and water proof. You still want to wipe off at the end wearing it with a small jewelry cloth.

Gold Plated Mixed Metals: Don't shower with gold plated jewelry, apply lotions or perfume with it on, swim or workout in it. Some of our gold plated pieces may contain brass or silver as the base metal.

Gold Filled: Thicker coating of gold. Gold filled items will wear longer than gold plated pieces but still need some love as these items are not 24k solid gold. Use a mild jewelry cleaning solution and run under water and pat dry. Gold filled can still get dull and fade if there is heavy wear, constant perfume/hair chemicals, sea salt water and chlorine are constantly getting on it.

Sterling Silver: Some styles are plated over .925 sterling silver making them a higher quality than gold plated over brass items. Styles that contain sterling silver will not turn green or brown. They can handle getting wet - however we don't recommend it showering etc. with them on a daily basis.

The Brand

The Brand.

Sayra and Michelle are the creative co-founders of BRACHA. Starting in 2012, the sister duo leading BRACHA combined their different styles to create a coveted natural stones jewelry brand. BRACHA started out of Sayra and Michelle’s inspiration from their grandmother's style and love for natural stones which has now evolved into a go to brand for trendy, quality and affordable designs. Proudly sold in over 800 locations nationwide including top retailers like Nordstrom, Revolve and highlighted in major publications.

BRACHA is for every woman, their commitment to make jewelry accessible to everyone and to create styles that can be worn no matter what the current trend is. "If they don't both love it, they don't make it”. By using a mix of gold-filled, plated and stainless steel metals. BRACHA is able to offer unique, on trend, and affordable pieces without compromising quality.

Why we love this brand….



A brand with substance and heart. With a passion to help end human trafficking, BRACHA donates a portion of the proceeds from every sale to help in the fight against human trafficking.

We are two women who had the audacity to believe we could help change the world one design at a time. Motivated by a talk about human trafficking at a woman's conference our eyes were opened to the devastation of modern day slavery. Our hearts were stirred to do something that could help support this cause. Shortly after, BRACHA'S heart beat became to raise awareness and give hope to those affected by it.

In Hebrew Bracha ''[B*raka]'' means blessing. That is what we intend to be through every design. Through the creative process and sale of our jewelry, we provide financial support to strategic partners like Chain Reaction, The A21 Campaign and a few others leading the global fight against today's sex trade.

Beautiful, Strong and Free

We believe every woman has the innate right to be both beautiful and free. So, at Bracha we design for two reasons -- beauty and freedom. We mindfully create pieces to illuminate a woman's individual style and personality -- and to magnify her unique "brand of beauty", both inside and out. At the same time, when a woman puts on a BRACHA bracelet or necklace, they are creating hope and freedom for young children, men and women somewhere around the world.

Our hope is that when you purchase Bracha, conversations will be sparked and awareness will be raised about the issue of human trafficking. We hope each woman who wears our pieces will become an ambassador and an advocate. Not only for our brand, but also for women, children and men everywhere, so that they too can feel beautiful, strong, and free.

We know there is world of jewelry out there, so thank you for choosing us. It's not just jewelry, it's a movement. Your purchase, support or collaboration helps get us one step closer to freedom for millions of women and children.

The Material

Gold filled

The Piece.

Slinky edgy rounded snake chain that looks good all on its own or layered with your favorite necklaces.

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